told through a comprehensive brand experience.

It all starts with Branding.

  • What is branding?
  • Value in the Power of a Story
  • Consistency is key!

Your brand is your business. The visual system that expresses your personality, values, and competitive edge. With conceptualized brand identities, we deliver a comprehensive style guide of customized bold, clean marks, typeface, color palettes, and marketing collateral.

Your business has a story. Let us walk you through a comprehensive design process to help you refine and tell that story. With your close involvement, we gather information and examine your business and industry in order to best visually interpret your company.

We grow branding beyond the mark. Our process delivers customized visual systems across various print mediums, including print/package design, advertising layouts, illustration, and more. This helps you maintain brand consistency across the board.

Supported by a strong Web Experience.

  • Which requires effective Design
  • with strong Development

A brand is only as successful as its implementation. Focus Lab takes a holistic approach to brand application, channeling the design process to the web experience. This means smart design for the tech savvy, as well as user-friendly design for the less tech-versed. Placing emphasis on human experience, we apply strong, intentional visuals across all screen sizes.

Don’t blow your concept in the execution. Make sure you have the right development team to effectively carry out your design elements across multiple platforms. This is a team that can implement user-friendly CMS to enable you to manage your site and update your own content. Fortunately for you, web development is one of our sweet spots.

on both mobile and desktop

Take a competitive edge with customized web design adaptable to modern day technology. Our designs are created with function in mind and work on multiple user interfaces, including desktop and laptop screens of all sizes, tablets, and smartphones.

User Interface & App Design

  • Mobile applications

Mobile devices are increasingly utilized to access content and interact witn brands.

  • Web applications, too


Logo Design

A unique, memorable logo is critical to building your brand. Whether you’re just getting started or you want to replace your outdated logo, our design team can integrate the look of your logo into your web design from the ground up. Cohesive branding is critical to consumer retention, and our design team considers the brand as a whole in every design decision.