Take a spray and pray approach to online marketing, and you’ll blow through your budget in a heartbeat. The world of digital marketing gets more complicated every day, and pitfalls await those who don’t do their homework. At Intelprise, we do your homework for you—and we take the test in your place. We painstakingly research your market and present a detailed plan of attack. Each choice is optimized to give your business maximum ROI (return on investment), and we hold regular meetings with you to see what the raw data says about our work.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Hitting the first page of Google search is everyone’s dream. But the realm of SEO (search engine optimization) changes constantly. Achieving SEO longevity is hard work. Who has time for that? We do. Our SEO specialists analyze your market from every angle, determining keywords that will help every potential customer find your store—regardless of how customers search for your products. With recent algorithm changes at Google, the time to start practicing non-spammy, white-hat SEO is now. Our SEO specialists will optimize your site the right way, so you won’t get penalized in search rankings.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing is one of the fastest ways to get qualified traffic to your website—but setting up optimized PPC campaigns is tedious and time consuming. What if you had someone working for you, analyzing every aspect of your business—then designing and maintaining your ideal campaign while you focus on doing what you love? That’s exactly what you get with our Google-certified PPC professional team. We’ll advise you on everything, including optimal keywords for your campaign—even an initial recommended budget.

Content Marketing

You’ve heard that content is king. Google is getting smarter, and the time to publish relevant, useful content is now. Your customers read for information and delight. They know junk content when they see it, and they’ll click away from anything confusing or irrelevant. Why not pin your brand to the top with elegant, engaging writing on the topics your business knows best? Our content writers research your market and the tone your customers expect. Then they blow your competition out of the water with the best stuff you’ll ever read in your market.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is tough to crack in-house. Best practices differ from industry to industry. Even within the same industry, different companies may perform differently with the same techniques. Unless you’re already a social media expert, the task of researching your best social strategy will eat into the time you need to run your business. Our social media experts will determine the best strategy for your company, using the platforms most suited to your market.

Affiliate Marketing

Want to hire a new sales team that only gets paid for performance, isn’t on payroll, and won’t take up office space? Even better, want a team that’s ready to start overnight without the upfront cost of training? Then affiliate marketing is for you. Our affiliate marketing professionals will organize a team of affiliates for you, handling all communication and coordination so you can focus on doing what you love—providing great service to your customers.

eMAIL Marketing

If you’re worried about spam and haven’t tried email marketing, then we’ve got news for you: email marketing is still the most effective form of direct marketing. The trick is to say the right things to the right people. At 216digital, our email marketing specialists design best-practice email campaigns that are perfect for your list. Need to grow that list? Oh, we do that, too.

“Not all digital marketing outlets work for every company. You can learn the ropes on your own, investing time and missing out on potential leads and sales—or you can get expert help and start growing your revenue now. Our diversified marketing team will design your campaign and get it chugging along in no time. Your business—and your peace of mind—will thank you. Get in touch today, and let’s talk about your next big thing.”