The Perfect Server For Your Website

The company you choose for you web hosting needs is vital to your website’s success. Most people starting out online will go with a shared web hosting platform, sharing their server resources with thousands of other websites around the world, running all sorts of different software. We don’t think that’s a very good idea. Let us get your site going the right way the first time!

hardware & software engineered for Performance

Getting every bit of performance out of an economically priced server is all about balancing what you need, and what you want. When Intelprise configures the hardware you’ll be running WordPress/Magento on, we factor in the purpose of your website, and the function you need. Then we deliver that with blazing fast speeds, and leave out all the bloat that most hosting providers force you to have.

Your Dedicated Server, never shared.

Intelprise isn’t going to set you up for a website on the same server resources as a bunch of other people. We’re not even going to have you share it with even ONE other site. When we deliver your WordPress/Magento configured VPS for you, it is truly your server resources and nobody elses. You’ll have a dedicated IP address for your site, and are allowed to do whatever you want on it after we’re done. Root Access GRANTED!

Host one site or multiple ones

Our VPS server configurations come in a few different tiers, depending on how you need to use it. WordPress & Magento use a lot of RAM, so the more sites you need to run, the more RAM you should get. Indicate whether you’re running one website, or many… then we’ll make it happen the right way FAST! One or two sites will do great on our Tier 1 setup, while those with many sites will likely want the increased power of Tier 2 or more! We know how to tweak our server to maximize your WordPress or Magento [email protected]