Learning Management System Platforms


Learning Management System Platforms (LMS)

 In times of COVID-19,  it is of uttermost importance to empower artists, entrepreneurs, professional and businesses with a new revenue stream online . But what to do?  Simple.  Instead of selling product that needs to be shipped, how about teaching people online on how to do what you do to make money in the  world without COVID-19?  Well, Intelprise specializes on building that platform for you where you can create & sell courses,deliver quizzes, award certificates, manage users, download reports, and so much more! By using our platform,  you have access to the latest e-learning industry trends for creating robust learning experiences.

Manage Your LMS with Ease


Manage Your LMS with Ease

With LearnDash you are always in control. Use the simple yet powerful administration capabilities to manage your users and courses with ease.

  • Control Enrollment

    Set a course price, make them free, private, or members only.

  • Create User Groups

    Group learners and assign a Group Leader to manage their progress.

  • Manage Learner Progress

    Set the learning path, mark tasks complete, and review submissions.

  • Communicate Clearly

    Send course specific messages and automatic email notifications.

Sell More Courses

built for you to succeed with sales

Don’t Just Sell Courses, Sell More Courses

After your course is complete then it’s time to start selling! LearnDash’s suite of tools will allow you to not just sell courses but to build a thriving business selling courses.

  • Use Any Pricing Model

    One time sales, subscriptions, memberships, bundles, and more.

  • Any Payment Gateway

    PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, and 300+ others with WooCommerce.

  • Renewal Reminders

    Automatic renewal notifications. No renewal? Choose to remove access.

  • Refund Protection

    Scheduled content to lower your refund rates and increase revenue.

let US help you start selling courses online today and we'll give you 25% off on your first purchase!

 Times of pandemic are a time when we to step up our game and reinvent ourselves by creating new opportunities some of us never cared to tap. Internet sales of your products and services are precisely the segment that no business today can afford not to participate.  Intelprise has been around in Miami for the last 25 years and is comitted to helping all of our local businesses use the e-commerce segment as the one opportunity that you need stay afloat with your bills.

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