banking account opening services


Bank Account Opening Services

Opening of a bank account  for your new online U.S. based business can get a bit complicated, in case you don´t know well how the market works and the local laws. However, the process can become much easier, if we prepare the documents and the information you need in advance.  This preparation entails our putting together of specific corporate structures to fit your company’s targets and that will make the opening of a commercial banking account easier.

why you should consider using our Bank Account Opening Services

Every bank in the U.S. allows foreigners to open up bank accounts but what they don’t tell you is that you need to be present to do so. Well, most of our clients live overseas and hire us to develop their online stores, so it is only a natural expectation that they can come to believe that we can act on their behalf with a power of attorney to get just about every other aspect of their business managing tasks done for them. Commercial banking in the U.S. does not work that way. 

If you are a foreign national, even with a U.S. address, you must allow Intelprise to act as both your “registered agent” and “main managing member” of your company here in the U.S. to get your commercial bank account opened for you in your absence. This has to be done not as a separate document but rather in the Articles of Incorporation in the State of Florida at the time of inception of your company or later amended as such if it has been opened already. The bank will accept us as your acting American citizen agent to open the account and once it gets opened we can then later add you to the corporate files with the State of Florida and as a signer in the bank account whenever you get a chance to come physically to the U.S. We can otherwise continue to act in the account as your registered agent should you not want to appear on paperwork either with the State or the bank.

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 Times of pandemic are a time when we to step up our game and reinvent ourselves by creating new opportunities some of us never cared to tap. Internet sales of your products and services are precisely the segment that no business today can afford not to participate.  Intelprise has been around in Miami for the last 25 years and is committted to helping all of our local businesses use the e-commerce segment as the one opportunity that you need stay afloat with your bills.