Do you need to step up your online game during COVID-19? A WordPress Zoom Integration will allow you to offer online virtual classes. And we can help.

Unfortunately, many small businesses have been forced to shut down due to the Coronavirus COVID-19.  Businesses are in survival mode, at least for a few months.  However, all is not lost and you can take control again by offering online classes through a WordPress Zoom integration.

Create a Virtual Classroom

Zoom offers a free version that fits the needs of most for video webinars/conferencing, and it might just be what keeps your clients from jumping ship.

This solution can help save dance studios, gymnastics, cheerleader instructors, personal trainers, art studios, and just about anyone with a teaching role.

Seamless Zoom to WordPress and/or WooCommerce integration

We can even seamlessly integrate Zoom into WordPress’s WooCommerce, the most popular shopping cart, which means you can even charge for online classes. Also, meetings can be created in WordPress’s own dashboard, and it syncs them to your Zoom account automatically.  Once it’s setup, count on easy Zoom meeting management, even without the help of a developer. But we’re here to help afterwards if you need us!

Now’s the time to build the digital side!  Now’s a good time to give the digital/intangible side of your business some attention.  The work you put in now can even continue to help after this Coronavirus mess passes.  Also, give us a shout if you need help with any of the below:WordPress design

Website development

JackRabbit class integration (this can be integrated with Zoom as well)

On-Page SEO (I’d do this first!)


E-commerce via Woocommerce/Shopify

Responsive mobile design

Speed optimization



Graphic design (including logos)

Google Marketing tools


Migrations to Cloudways and WPEngine

Landing pag