Ecommerce SEO

How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic

Despite the fact that SEO has the highest ROI of any ecommerce marketing campaign, most online shops are put together with little to no consideration of search engines.

Instead, we rely on social media or paid ads. Which are great and all, but require a constant effort and stream of income.

SEO, on the other hand, only requires effort up front — once you rank, you practically make sales on autopilot with no recurring expense.

That’s a simplification, of course. But doesn’t the idea make you drool?

Key Tactics to Include in Your Ecommerce SEO Strategy

Since this is a 9,000-word beast, you’ll probably want to take it one section at a time. To help you navigate, here are the topics we’ll be covering.

The best ecommerce SEO strategy includes:

  • Keyword research to find the types of keywords customers are searching.
  • Site architecture based on your keyword research.
  • On-Page SEO through strategic keyword optimization in meta tags and content.
  • Technical SEO to help ensure search engines can crawl your site efficiently.
  • Local SEO to help drive local organic traffic (if you have a brick and mortar).
  • Content marketing to drive additional organic visitors.
  • Link Building to help improve the authority of your website.
  • Measuring SEO Success with tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs.

eCommerce SEO is a service that you cannot afford to skip

eCommerce Search Engine Optimization or eCommerce SEO Services allow you to get on the first page of Google for thousands of keywords that are related to your business. This only happens with (1) great content and (2) increased authority. 

Millions of users are searching for your products, services, and business online.

Are you visible on search engines? Are your competitors outranking you?

At Intelprise;

  • We analyze your competitors online and build a strategy to beat them by ranking your website above them.
  • We research and analyze thousands of topics and keywords on a weekly basis to rank for the keywords with the least competition and the most traffic potential.
  • Our in-house copywriters write the content on these topics for you. We only write in-depth and quality content.
  • Our in-house marketers implement and promote this content. This authority increase and the new content allow you to rank for more keywords related to your business.
  • We follow this SEO execution on a monthly basis to skyrocket your traffic.
  • We also focus on your calls to action and conversion rates from the newly increased traffic to improve your bottom line; sales!

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