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Server setup is like an engine to the car you’re buying. the most amazing looking website will not load right, will be susceptible to hacks and just won’t talk to your site the right way.  Believe it or not, there are very precise ways to configure a server with the security and speed it needs to run wordpress, magento and shopify websites smoothly in dedicated servers, never shared.

Correct Server Setup - Intelprise

What is the Correct Server Setup for Your Website?

Here are the the components of a dedicated server that we offer to everyone of our clients…..It’s a far cry from what you get at shared resources, cookie cutter platforms like Wix and Squarespace:

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global data strategy

The use of CDN networks on your sit will improves your its speed, performance, reliability, and security. Our servers are deployed in different geographical locations of the world to handle increased traffic loads and reduce the time of content delivery for the user from servers. They keep cached copies of your content in case your site goes down and ensure that your content is available 365/24/7.

map Correct Server Setup - Intelprise

” When your website gets attacked, Intelprise quickly deploys a mirror copy of it to anyone accessing it from anywhere in the world.”   Our CDN is of priceless value to an age where everyone is a target of cyber crimes!

quality network services

whats new in networking services ?

tale a look at the vast amount of cyber security tools we make available for our customers? does this look like anything you've seen at shared resource platform like Wix and Squarespace? We don't think so.............


data encryption


network security


Server Data Management​


network security


cloud Storage


remote support

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