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Fuel your business with flexible and custom mobile applications developed by us. We are a globally renowned mobile application development company in USA that can help you create digitally transformative, high-performing, and featured-packed cross-platform app for Android and iOS device.   In addition, Intelprise codes PWA apps (progressive web apps) for budget-minded clientele looking to have a presence in the app houses with a “web wrapped” solution in place of a native, resident app.  The PWA apps are great for all small businesses since we can launch them easily, affordably and simultaneously with their websites or online stores.

Awarded as the Best Mobile App Development Company by GESIA

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We code three types of mobile apps

 So here is the milllion dollar question….which type of mobile app do I need?  The answer is far reaching but has all to do with budget and main target (sales vs downloads vs presence).  Each carries a very different price tag and is suited for different purpose.  Let’s go more in depth to help you decide…

PWA (progressive web apps)

 This is the most affordable type of mobile you can order from us. PWA apps  are tailored to budget-minded clientele looking to have a presence in the app houses with a “web wrapped” solution in place of a native, resident coded app.   We can launch them easily, affordably and simultaneously as addons to your websites or online stores.

(native mobile apps)

NMA is step up over PWA in terms of expense for a company’s budget and the decision to go this route must be considered with tons of care since it’s one expense for apple and another for Android.  Native mobile apps use a mobile’s operating system’s resident libraries in its main framework thus enabling a much more fluid and quick rendition of content and execution of tasks.  Each is uniquely coded in a framework thats speaks only to the libraries of the OS.  In other words, we must code an iOS version for the Apple App Store and entirely different version to send to Google Play Store. 

(react native apps)

 The best way to descrive the king of all mobiles apps (REACT) is to say metaphorically that you code it once but you code it for all and code it for life!  While being the most expensive framework environment to code a mobile app, its advantages are too many to name in synapsis here.  If you are interested in making an impact in downloads and sales in both app houses (Android  and Apple) the only way to go is code your app in REACT.  It is an universal framework that invokes resident libraries in both operating system with just one framework of code.

Our boutique approach to mobile app dev gives you a final product like no other with lots of love and effort!

Here are some of the features in mour mobile app design we believe to be key differences amongst our competitors…..

Uniqueness in UI/UX Design

Clean, modern and minimalist designs that aim at minimizing the steps to finalize targeted tasks is the direction in which we follow most of our projects.

Powerful Social Media Sharing

We give you the most efficient tools necessary to share your app content in all social platforms.

User Friendly Interfaces

No mobile app is good enough without user friendliness. Intelprise pride itself in simple backend and frontens that minimize the steps to achieve the tasks at hand.

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Effect Marketing Tools

We provide you platforms and tools to maket and monitor the progress of your app exposure and number of downloads.

Flawless Coding

Clean code that preempts possible framework advancements is how we code our mobile apps. You are given a future proof digital asset that allows you the choice to follow up the work with whatever app development house of your choice in the future.

Rich API Integrations

From GPS location to social media API or that o f any other company....We can integrate it all to help your mobile app do exactly what you need it to do by talking to the right tools!

our mobile apps give user an amazing shopping experience

Responsive Galleries

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User-Friendly Cart

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Our Mobile App Development Process

Why Choose Intelprise for Mobile App Development Services?

We follow an agile mobile app development process to develop mobile apps. Ultimately, it depends upon the requirements of the mobile app we are developing for our client. The agile approach mainly focuses on our clients’ involvement and flexible planning.

Having 10+ years of experience in the mobile industry, our mobile app developers for hire have already developed over 450 Native and progressive web mobile apps for small businesses and startups. We have expertise in developing all types of mobile app services from transportation to social networking and photo & video.

Through email, voice and video calls, and chats, we stay connected with our clients throughout the project and allow them to participate in the mobile app development process. We maintain transparency with our clients and that is our main value.

We have expertise in different domains, including On-demand, Transportation, Health & Fitness, Photo & Video, Social Networking, Food & Beverages, and Travel & Tourism that enable us to develop successful mobile apps for various industries.


have doubts about a few things before you get started?

most common questions from our clients

Yes, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with all the clients.

Yes, we provide complete documentation for the mobile app or solution that we develop for your business. At the end of the project, you own the code of your app or mobile solution. 

We have integrated a range of latest and unique features in the mobile applications as demanded by our clients. Here are some of the must-have features we have integrated into the apps:

  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Map Integration
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Live Chat Support
  • In-app Messaging
  • Machine Learning Integration
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Cross-Platform Ability
  • Push Notification
  • Social Media Integration
  • Search Bar With Filters

We will assign a project manager to you. S/he will keep in touch with you throughout the project and keep you updated about the project progress.

We use Basecamp to manage your mobile app development project and keep you updated about everything related to the development progress.

You can communicate your requirements or the changes with the assigned project manager and he will communicate your requirements and changes with the developers.

We do follow certain process.

  • Apply for signature-based permissions
  • Disallow access to your app’s content providers
  • Apply network security measures
  • Secure office environment constant monitoring at the workplace

Yes, of course. We will upload your mobile app on the App Stores, including Apple App Store and Google Play Store as our mobile app development process.

Depending on the type of change or modification you need, our team of experts will guide you further.

Yes, we provide 3-months free technical support, so in case, if you face any technical problems while accessing the app, our support team will guide you.

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