Exit Cookie Cutter Platforms

Don’t risk your budget on a cookie-cutter website.  At Intelprise, we know that the only website worth investing in is one that’s created specifically to help your business achieve its goals. That’s why we start every project with so much research, so we can uncover the perfect strategy, tactics and content that we can package up into the most valuable marketing tool you have — your website. To make that level of customization possible, we invite you to click on the button below to get in touch with us and within 15 minutes we draw up a quote for you!

exit cookie cutter websites

Reasons why you need to hire us to exit your cookie cutter website platform yesterday!

Website builders are extremely popular. They seem to offer everything you need to create a functional and appealing website. And if all you want is a basic website, you can build it yourself. This method is cheaper and it seems to work for everyone else, so why would you pay a professional website design agency when you could do it all yourself?  Budgets are always tight for small businesses and startups. Every dollar counts, so you must look for ways to save money wherever possible. When you’re going over the budget, however, take the long view of your needs rather than the quick and dirty view. Will the decisions you make now yield good results later on, or will a cost-cutting measure that looks good today bite you back later?

This is exactly what you’ll be wondering if you go with a “cheap” cookie-cutter web development platform like Wix, SquarespaceWeb.com or Network Solutions. The idea seems great on the surface: you pay a low monthly fee and you can “design” your own website for yourself. So cheap! So easy!  Here are some reasons why you should consider transitioning out of a cookie cutter website:

1. Cookie-Cutter Websites Steal Your Uniqueness .  First Impressions Matter!

One of the most important things you do in all of your marketing efforts is to point out to potential customers why you are different from everyone else. What makes your company special? What can you give them that nobody else can? A cookie-cutter website is totally at odds with this message and can blunt your marketing strategy. Since your website is often the first sales “employee” from your company that prospective clients meet, you must ensure that that their first impressions aren’t like this: “Meh. We’ve seen this before. Next!” Or, “They’re not even serious enough to get their own website? I’m outta here.” Or, “I can’t get this to load on my phone… I’m done.”   Sure. Maybe you saved money up front, but now you’ve lost clients and sales because of a poor first impression. It’s not worth it if you want to grow your business.

2. Your Website Isn’t Really Yours.

With Wix, Squarespace, etc., you’re basically renting templates and hosting from them. It’s their proprietary system and therefore, your level of control over your website is alarmingly limited. If you decide later that this website isn’t getting the results you want (leads and sales) and you want to migrate to a different platform, you’ll have to start all over from scratch. You can’t just take that website and transport it to another system. That means that even if you have built up some SEO authority from the cookie-cutter website, you’ll lose it in the starting-over process. In such a competitive online marketing atmosphere, this can spell disaster for your company!

3. SEO Invisibility

Speaking of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), cookie-cutter website’s can’t give you the help you need to achieve this essential piece to the success of your website. It’s how potential customers find you. If they type “Fabulous Sock Widgets” (or whatever your product or service is) into Google and your business isn’t listed within the first few results, your business is basically invisible. And it’s not just a matter of choosing a few pre-selected keywords from a template (which Google really doesn’t like anyway). It requires considerable market research, back end coding and constant vigilance whenever Google and other search engines change their search algorithms to shake up the game a bit. Cookie-cutter websites are simply unable to keep up with these demands and don’t give you the best return on investment for making your website visible and functional for your customers.

Cookie-cutter-canned-template websites are a bad investment for your company. They are not unique, they are not yours and they are not as flexible and code-solid as they need to be to meet the constantly shifting demands of Internet marketing.  Your company website is an investment in the future—and when you think of it as your first sales employee (who never asks for vacations or sick days), you’ll realize just how affordable it really is to do it right the first time by getting a professionally-designed, regularly optimized website that is uniquely tailored to your business objectives!


4. Customization Options and Opportunities

Another reason why a professionally built website will outperform a cookie-cutter website is in the customization options. Templates are extremely limiting, forcing you to stay within their approved coding and widgets. If you wanted to change the way one of their widgets work, you would have to send them a request and hope for the best. Or, if the layout needed tweaking, you may be out of luck.  If this affects your user experience, you will lose customers. If you used a professional website design agency, they could make the changes as needed, without any type of limitation. If you do not want to make compromises, a cookie-cutter website is not the best option for you. The reason you are getting the cookie-cutter package so cheap is that they expect you to be happy with what they offer.   Compromising can cause problems over time (i.e. SEO, user experiences). While the price makes it easy to accept in the beginning, the drain it has on your visitors, and possibly you, is not worth it. Do not cripple your business and/or website by using a vanilla-themed, cookie-cutter website.


A cookie-cutter website can work for a small business that just wants a “hello world” introduction. These websites have an introduction, a list of their services, and a breakdown of their hours. Beyond that, they are effectively useless in a competitive market.

If you want to compete and succeed in your market, especially online, you need a website that is built better than your competitors, with great content that is keyword matched, using great SEO and marketing techniques. If you are time-limited or don’t know much about every aspect of website design, it is best to leave this to the professionals.

Great business owners know what they know, what they don’t know, and who to use to help them succeed. In this case, acknowledge what you don’t know and trust a professional to help you.

Let us HELP YOU EXIT COOKIE CUTTER WEBSITES & get 25$ OFF your first purchase with us!

There are serveral ways that Intelprise can help your business elevate your domain into a new game!  We work with nesting startups, online stores unhappy with their current platforms, great minds with amazing concepts but no idea where to start and so on….. Let’s work together and get your business to the next level!