Stock management for your products within your accounting software

An interactive inventory management system that seamlessly works with invoicing, stock and many more.  Stay ahead of your finished stocks & goods with the
must have WordPress Inventory Management plugin.


See An Overview Order and Inventory Management - Intelprise

See An Overview of All Your Stocked Products

You will be able to see a complete overview of all the stocked products that you have along with the item code, buying / selling price, no. of stocks left, and more.

Configure Each Product to Your Liking

Inventory extension gives you the complete control over its customization. With its easy to understand feature you can set everything just like you want.

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Search Whatever Order and Inventory Management - Intelprise

Search Whatever, Whenever You Want

With the powerful built in search feature with filtering options, you don’t have to worry about not finding the product that you are looking for in time.

Generate Detailed Reports Instantly

Automatically generate in-detailed reports with the simple click of a button. Whether you want instant purchase / product or complete inventory report.

Generate Detailed Order and Inventory Management - Intelprise
Support For Automatic Order and Inventory Management - Intelprise

Support for Automatic Tax Calculations

You have the option to calculate all the sales tax / pre-sales tax without any complications. Simply select the tax rate you configured and you are good to go.

Import New Products to Inventory

With the built-in option that helps you to import your products to your inventory using CSV file, you can save a lot of time and effort so you don’t waste them on repetitive tasks.

Import New Products Order and Inventory Management - Intelprise


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