WEB development

Visualize an application that connects a multitude of services – finance, analytics, external data providers, automation, business logic, etc., all connected and working together to empower you to focus on growth. Sounds like the website you need? At Intelprise, we have been developing innovative and functional custom web applications that generate more revenue and improve efficiency for your business.  We realize that every business is different and this is why we take great pride in listening to each client as if it is a brand new experience to which we need to customize a solution to hep that business achieve the success that it deserves.

web development​

A web solution is an artform.

No matter how you look at it, please understand that no single website is like any other…..and if they are,, it’s because you have willingly chosen to be part of a cookie cutter platform like Wix, Squarespace, Shopify and others.   Don’t look for other to complain about your never ending attempt to make it to Google’s first page of indexation under one of the platforms since you are swimming up shit’s creek without a paddle competing with tens of thousands of websites just like yours with access to the same tools fighting for a place on the  Google podium of indexation….good luck with that endeavor!

our process is easy & efficient.

The  magic begins with a 90 minute meeting and we ride the boat for you from that point onwards!  Our framework process is uniquely tailored to the specific needs of your business! We ill deliver you project no later than 14 calendar days no matter how big of a project it is.

meet our 4 segments of web dev

Server setup right!

Server setup is like an engine to the car you’re buying. the most amazing looking website will not load right, will be susceptible to hacks and just won’t talk to your site the right way.  Believe it or not, there are very precise ways to configure a server with the security and speed it needs to run wordpress, magento and shopify websites smoothly in dedicated servers, never shared.

Frontend UI/UX dev

Our experience with front-end extends from vanilla javascript, html, css to Angular and Redux + React making use of asset pre-compilers like Babel and SASS.   We utilize all this know how to customize your WordPress, Magento & Shopify sites way beyond the scope that autmated site building software allows.  We provide accessible, standards-compliant solutions from form validation, hardware-accelerated animations, dynamic graphs and charts, etc. to powerful single-page isomorphic applications backed by any custom or third party API.

backend cms dev

We work with some of the most reliable and robust PHP, Laravel and NodeJS frameworks available today. Modern frameworks optimized for multiple environments, seamless deployment, worker queues, real-time communication, etc.  Whether you choose to be on Wrodpress, Magento or a customized coded solution, our coders are capable of delivering a backend dashboard control of your precious asset in a way that allows you easy access and efficient execution of all daily tasks of a blogger, professional or bsuiness owner!

web app integrations

There are countless APIs available that provide data or ways to pass along data. We’ve worked with analytics, advertising, accounting, affiliate, booking, weather, maps, nearby locations, payment processing, lead tracking, social media APIs and more. If you need to build or integrate an API, we have you covered.

let's work togetheR ON YOUR WEB DEVELOPMENT!

if anything on this page resonated with something that you feel that can help you unlock your full potential online, we ask kindly that you give a chance, FREE of any obligations to schedule a  15 minute consultation phone call/video call with you to see how we can assist you to take your domain to a higher game!