SEO (search engine optimization) is a bit of a voodoo word in marketing today. Every business owner knows they need it, but few outside the industry understand it fully. At Intelprise, we get you stellar E-Commerce SEO results—and we tell you exactly how we do it. Our process is transparent, and we’re happy to explain any part of it to you.

We practice by-the-book SEO. That means strict adherence to Google’s E-Commerce SEO guidelines. The world of search engine optimization has changed drastically over the last few years, and sites that practice “black hat” SEO get heavy penalties from Google now. There’s a right way to do E-Commerce SEO —it just takes time, dedication, analytics, and the ability to interpret them. At 216digital, we do all of that for you. This lets you focus on running your business and doing what you love.

Current SEO best practices don’t just involve tweaks in code—though some of those tweaks are important. For readers, and for Google, content is king. Our E-Commerce SEO content writing team creates stellar content for our clients—content that Google and human readers love. The longer readers stay on our clients’ pages reading informative content, the more value Google sees in those pages. That means good content helps everyone involved—both businesses with regard to SEO, and customers with regard to their increasing knowledge.


At Intelprise, our commitment to transparency defines everything we do. That transparency shows up in every step of our process—from learning everything about your market, to building a stellar campaign from that data, to growing your campaign as web trends change. We keep you informed at every point in the SEO adventure. We want you to understand every aspect of your campaign, and were happy to explain technical terms, processes, and anything else that could stand a little clarification.

The four Components of E-Commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is just not any common SEO. When it comes to online commerce, Google and other major search engines will rank your product portfolio higher than your competitors based on a lot many different factors than just the simple uniqueness of your content and cleanliness of your code. Intelprise has implemented the ABC’s of all the new Google search algorithm updated methodology to come up with this 4 point plan that we believe is the only one that achieves tangible results for your store online.

1. analysis

We start with a baseline report generated by our specialized crawlers. This report gives us a complete picture of your site structure and functionality. On a second pass, we look at inbound links to your site. This gives us a complex picture of the quality of sites that link to your site—a critical aspect of SEO. We wrap it up with a look at your current Google ranking and a comparison with your competitors. Lastly, we share all that data with you and make our recommendations on the best SEO strategy for your site.

2. onsite optimization

Since the Panda, Penguin and Pigeon Google search algorithm updates, website optimization has become critical to a successful SEO campaign. Our staff will complete a thorough website SEO optimization that allows easy crawling and indexing of your website by every major search engine. Our website optimization will focus on Google’s own recommended best practices, which include:

    • Short URLS
    • Canonical head Tags & Links
    • Meta Descriptions
    • Title Tage Optimization
    • H1 Tag Optimization
    • Image Alt Text
    • Breadcrumb Navigation Lists
    • Category Pagination
    • Google Analytics Integration
    • 404 Error Removal
    • Appropriate Use of Noindexing
    • Site Speed Optimization
    • XML Sitemap
    • Markup Language
    • High-Quality Copy Writing

3. keyword research

Targeting the right keywords can make or break an SEO campaign. In crafting your custom solution, we take three steps to make sure we use the best possible keywords for your business. First, we study our report on your current Google site rankings and compare you to your competitors. Then we use our powerful keyword analytics tools, including Moz Analytics, SEM Rush, and Google Analytics, to look deeper into the SEO landscape of your particular business. We look for all possible keywords related to your market. Sometimes, we find keywords that are off the beaten path but may represent a substantial marketing opportunity for your campaign. Finally, we compare our results with the keywords you recommend. Between the two lists, we build a master list, determining the best keywords to target in your campaign.

4. offline optimization

Once your website is ready to be crawled and we’ve determined an optimum keyword list, we shift our focus to outside sources of traffic. As with all steps in the process, we use Google’s best practices to make sure that you only have high quality, authoritative links pointing to your website. To accomplish this, we deploy a sophisticated and multi-faceted strategy which includes:

    • Quality, Relevant Link Building
    • Backlink Analysis
    • Article Creation
    • Blog Curation
    • Social Media Amplification
    • Local Citations
    • Google My Business Listing

With offsite optimization, we only create relevant connections through social media sites, directory submissions, and the use of microsite creation and article syndication. We never use spam or throwaway junk links. These kinds of things hurt everyone’s web experience. At 216digital, we stay abreast of changing best practices in SEO. That means your site gets nothing but high-quality links.