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Smart Slider 3 Pro WordPress Slider Plugin with Templates

Smart Slider 3 Pro WordPress Slider Plugin with Templates is a new WordPress plugin that uses a visual editor interface to create a variety of animated sliders. It includes a huge number of functions that will allow you to create and add to the site all kinds of sliders and blocks with different types of elements, videos, fonts, images and so on. Smart Slider is a powerful plugin. It offers a really impressive number of features with which you can create almost any type of animated sliders.

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File's Technical Information

Smart Slider 3 Pro WordPress Slider Plugin with Templates


Smart Slider 3 Pro WordPress Slider Plugin with Templates is a new WordPress plugin that uses a visual editor interface to create a variety of animated sliders. It includes a huge number of functions that will allow you to create and add to the site all kinds of sliders and blocks with different types of elements, videos, fonts, images and so on. Smart Slider is a powerful plugin. It offers a really impressive number of features with which you can create almost any type of animated sliders.

Smart Slider 3 Pro WordPress Plugin Features

  • Template & Slide Library
  • Dynamic Content Generator
  • Image Optimization
  • SEO Friendly
  • New Controls
  • Lightbox Option
  • Text Animation
  • Dynamic Height
  • Actions and Events
  • Device Specific Options
  • Expert Settings
  • Real Time Slide Editor
  • Unique Layouts with Layers
  • Responsive, Mobile Ready Sliders
  • High Performance
  • Full Width Slider
  • Smart Image Cropping
  • Varied Control Elements
  • YouTube & Vimeo Slides
  • Dynamic Slides

Smart Slider 3 Pro Slider Plugin with Templates

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Our editor lets you design with simple drag’n’drop and manipulate your website visually. Build, customize and animate in one place.

Smart Slider 3 Pro WordPress Slider Plugin with Templates
Smart Slider 3 Pro WordPress Slider Plugin with Templates
Smart Slider 3 Pro Slider Plugin with Templates
Smart Slider 3 Pro Slider Plugin with Templates
Find a Layer for Every Need

Take advantage of the many layers that help you build any layout with simple drag’n’drop.

Customize with Ease

Intuitive visual styling, that deliver a more user friendly design without compromise.

Breathe Life into Your Website

Add a range of eye catching animations and effects and use the timeline to perfect timing.


4 Project Types


Create anything from standard sliders to complex carousels, blocks and even full page designs.

Lifetime Support and Updates

Pay once, and get support and updates for life! Enjoy regular updates and new features year by year.

Dynamic Content

Create completely custom layouts with dynamic data by loading content from different sources.

Pick a beautifully crafted template and change anything you want: add your images, videos, etc.

Build your project piece by piece using pre-designed and simple section. It works like magic!


Smart Slider comes with an expanding collection of layers. Each layers offers advanced customizations.

Varied Control Elements

Combine the fully customizable arrows, bullets or thumbnails to obtain a unique experience.

Smart Slider follows SEO best practice, ensuring your projects rank in front of a wider audience.


Popup a full-screen image or video lightbox that opens when visitors click on images, links or buttons.

Image Optimization

Reduce image size. Squeeze out every last unnecessary byte, no matter how big is your backgound image.

Lazy Load


Lazy load backgrounds for faster speeds, ensuring users only download what they see and nothing more.

Page Builder Compatibility

Smart Slider works flawlessly with GutenbergElementorDiviBeaver Builder and Visual Composer.



Drag and Drop

Add, copy or delete layers with an intuitive interface. Everything you build is instantly shown in the editor.

Responsive Editing

Design projects for desktop, tablet and mobile. Customize every element to make it look perfect on any device.

Live Preview

Preview your project as you go on your web browser. See every change you make in real-time.

Layer List

Navigate between all layers, quickly glance custom changes and easily access them via the list.

Image Cropping

Smart Slider enables automatic cropping and positioning of images to fit perfectly in your slides.

Color Management

Use a color picker to experiment live color changes. The editor automatically stores your latest used colors.

Copy & Paste

Copy the entire styling or animations and paste it to another layer or containers with one simple click.

Undo & Redo

Quickly undo any mistakes and go back to a previous state. Easily travel through your entire editing history.

Import & Export

Export and import your projects to any other site, including images, colors and every content layers.

Right Click Menu

Quickly access shortcuts and selection tools with just a right click on your mouse button.

Rulers & Guides

Use the rulers for easy alignment of elements. Add custom guides to easily snap items to any position you need.


All the keyboard shortcuts you are accustomed to in a design tool are available in Smart Slider.




Enjoy total design freedom with access to many CSS styling properties from color gradients to box shadows.


Customize font family, size, weight, letter spacing and line height. Control all standard text elements easily.

Style Presets

Create your own styles presets and load them to any layer to effortlessly create matching design elements.

Background Color & Gradient

Apply custom background colors or vibrant gradients to slides. It can be a great way to make it stand out!

A background video is a great way to grab attention, giving motion to the background of the content.

Absolution Position

Use absolute positioning to drag any layer to any location on the canvas, regardless of the content sections.


Flexbox allows you to control the alignment of layers in any way you’d like — solving complex layouts.

Column Width & Gap

Change the width or gaps between columns or set the padding and margin for every columns visually.

Nested Rows

Create advanced layouts by nesting rows. Build effectively and quickly anything with nested structures.


Speed & Performance

Web Vital Improvements

Smart Slider is built with speed in mind, and it meets the requirements of Web Vitals. So your sliders will load fast.

WebP Support


WebP provides superior compression for images on the web, which guarantees the fast loading.

Optimized JavaScript

Unlike other plugins, Smart Slider doesn’t depend on jQuery. As a result, it’s JavaScript codes are super fast.

Image size optimization


Effortlessly create optimized images for mobile and tablet for every image you have in your slider.

Native CSS Media Queries

All device specific changes use Native CSS Media queries, which help minimize the Total Blocking Time.

Asset Preload


To create a fast loading site, browsers need to know what to preload. Preload the slider, if it’s important for your site.



Responsive by Nature

Smart Slider sites are responsive by default, so they display and perform beautifully on every device.

Custom Breakpoints

Change the breakpoint values or add new breakpoints, to adapt your websites to specific devices.


Hide layers, slides or whole sliders to create optimized content for any specific device.


Animations & Effects

Apply animation presets to any layers, or build your own by customizing type, speed, easing, direction and so on.



Every layer animation appears on a visual timeline, where the delay and duration can be changed.

Bring your words to life with text animations. Animate paragraphs, words, and characters easily.

Fade. Rotate. Zoom. Explode. Choose from 70+ background animations for the transitions between slides.

A simple way to give your images the illusion of motion. Make your slides pop with zooming and panning effect.

Add visual punch to your slides with moving shapes and lines, dots, triangles, and polygons

In just a couple of clicks add animated 3D parallax effect to your background images and layers on mouse or scroll.

Actions & Events


Trigger custom animation and event in response to actions like mouse clicks or scroll events.

Add moving curves, and diagonal shape dividers. Control size, color, and add parallax for a striking effect.


Dynamic Integrations

32 Dynamic Sources


Add dynamic content to your slider: Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Galleries, Event Calendars and many others.

Smart Slider automatically fetches new posts, according to filters matching selected categories and tags.



Add YouTube videos to your slides and even display playlists. Control the cover image, start time or volume.



Showcase your hottest sale items with dynamically generated content. Add a button and you’re ready to sell.



With built-in Joomla support, Smart Slider works great with VirtueMart, Eshop, MijoShop or HikaShop.

Image from Folder


Choose the folder where your images are kept and Smart Slider will dynamically updating slides on the fly.



Personal Support


Need one-on-one assistance? Get in touch with our Support team. We’d love the opportunity to help you!

Video Tutorial

Check our video tutorials which cover everything you need to know to get started using Smart Slider.

Documentation covers everything you need to know — from navigating to using the most of different features.

Community Group

Feel free to share you ideas and feedbacks. Join the community group for support and inspiration.

Translation Ready

Smart Slider is translated into 12 languages and it is 100% translation ready and supports RTL languages.

One Click Update

Smart Slider is always up to date. We continuously listen to our users, and we add new features month by month.




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