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Every brand has a story. Without video, you tell only half of the story. Miami-based,  Intelprise’s creative video team helps brands sell more products online with Ecommerce videos. Our methodology and experience allow us to handle every kind of product from sexy lingerie to full-size luxury yachts and everything in between by telling the unique story behind each and every brand we work with. Our team works hard to create beautiful, effective Ecommerce product videos that encourage more leads and engagement.

Why pick Intelprise to produce your next video?

Delivering high-quality video content

Elevate your digital marketing efforts by leveraging the power of video. We are a Miami-based video production company that delivers high-quality video content from start to finish. Our in-house production team can produce, storyboard, direct and edit the most captivating visual experience to ‘wow’ your audience – every time.    We can handle projects of every scale and genre. We have our own cameras, lighting, modifiers, gimbals/stabilizers and pro audio. Post-production is done in-house on the latest equipment. We work with a team of dedicated writers, producers, directors and cinematographers with the expertise to carry out every aspect of video production from creative services to delivery. We treat every project with utmost professionalism, regardless of the budget or scope.

We support local business & professionals with our videos marketing

We work with every local professional and business with special prices and put in all the love and effort to deliver the best damn video you’ve ever seen at the most affordable price possible. We do this because we are absolutely convinced of the immense positive impact our videos have on our clietele’s bottom line!

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Today it isn’t enough to work with just any digital marketing firm; you want to ensure that you partner with a company that will not only take the time to listen about your business’ goals and message but also helps to drive desired results so that your business sees the greatest return on marketing investment. Not all digital marketing agencies get this right.  

other MARKETING SERVICES to grow your business

With Google always updating its algorithms, our SEO technicians stay up-to-date with all changes to ensure best results for your company in search queries on Google.

We create homogeneous data entries of your business profile into your Google business profile, other business listings and your location page in website to guarantee credibility of search engine indexation.

Paid advertisement is essential for online businesses. Through different techniques we create and manage Google, Facebook , Instagram and Twitter ad campaigns to maximize your online revenue.

We define social media (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc) audiences, and then create and manage custom campaigns, to increase engagement and brand awareness.

Get more qualified leads based on real-time data and extensive analysis.  We use tested and proven strategies to understand online behavior and implement customized cart flow landing checkout pages that funnel better conversion than regular checkout ones.

Increase customer engagement with Business and Product Reviews management, Social Media reputation management, Google Business, YouTube and other. We can resolve any online attacks against your business using our digital marketing expertise.

We can help set up various email automation flows, such as Cart Abandonment, Restocking, Flash Sales, Business and Product Reviews, Upsale Emails and more.   Our  implementation of specific email templates will automate all the CRM aspects of your sale. 

We create photo, video and other creative content to help potential buyers understand what your brand is about. They are an important factor in a customer’s decision to engage with your company so we we use YouTube channels and other video and media platforms to generate more leads, increase viewer interest and build customer trust.